April 16 2014, 5am

The world is ending in ten minutes. What do you do?



Marco. ;)

April 16 2014, 5am

im so sorry for spam……..;(

April 16 2014, 5am

I love how when I told my long time best friend from high school I got mugged her first response was
"If it was me I would have fought back and got away."

I was so scared for her safety despite coming fresh from the event…. and she shoved it back in my gut in the most mind shattering and heart shattering way. Like it was my fault…….

I’ll never look at her the same way again. She’s still my best friend.

sometimes I just want to ask her one more time why her, why would she say that…. I think about telling her how I felt.. how devastated I still am… 

April 16 2014, 4am

legitimately the only thing every site is giving me for treatment is talking to a counselor and sound and eye desensitization. 

I can’t do that. 
I also can’t talk to my soulmate about it either because I’ll just bring up hers, and I honestly don’t know how badly she feels panic and whatnot..(I should talk to her about it maybe) But still I’m not sure if it’s a good idea, I really don’t want to scare her.. I feel as if I have..

How am I supposed to be okay???
And there’s no other options???

April 16 2014, 4am

I have every symptom. I’m really not okay now.  

April 16 2014, 4am


It’s rather……. discomforting.. to know on tumblr people cry “triggers” on the internet when I can’t walk around my own house without feeling my heart beating out of my chest or that I’ll die at any second. 
It’s a real feeling, and it’s ruining a lot……..

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